Every year, ExecReps facilitates thousands of introductions for board seats and the sharing of executive best practices that enable companies to gain invaluable insights from the world’s leading executives.


There’s a Recurring Trend in Today’s Boardroom…


The day of the generalist director has passed.

Now more than ever companies are in need of directors and advisors with particular expertise in specific areas that match their strategic objectives. Our members are capitalizing on this trend and setting themselves apart from other candidates by establishing their unique Director Identity and leveraging insights on pressing boardroom issues through our specialized platform for board eligible executives.

Membership Includes

Board Membership

Our board membership platform is designed to increase your exposure to CEOs, Chairmen, and Nominating Committees through established methods that give you the exposure and recognition needed to be considered as a viable board candidate. Immediately receive exposure to thousands of executives and targeted companies seeking advisory and board candidates through the Board Eligible Database™, ExecReps Independent Board Membership, featured thought leadership, and improved credentials.

Executive Best Practices

Receive access to an unprecedented collection of executive best practices to compound the value you bring to your company as well as a boardroom. Designed as both a company and executive asset, you have the ability to collaborate, discuss and discover valuable insights on current issues, opportunities, and best practices, all broken down by topic and position to easily share with your executive team members.

Strategic Introductions

Receive curated monthly introductions between existing Members designed to establish a mutually beneficial contact for your particular professional and organizational goals. Our curated introductions can lead to business opportunities for your company, professional opportunities for yourself, and provide you with a number of distinguished contacts who can be valuable resources for your particular goals and initiatives.


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Our Members Include Top Executives From:



Tobias Lee of Thomson Reuters Selected by ExecReps as a Top CMO for 2013

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ExecReps Board Placement Announcement: Mr. Frank Backes Appointed to MTSI Board of Directors

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ExecReps Inc. Client Placement Announcement: ExecReps Client Ms. Sandra Wrobel Appointed to Omni Bio Pharmaceutical’s Board of Directors

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