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ExecReps Is Transforming Board Membership & The Sharing of Executive Best Practices

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About ExecReps, Inc

Every year, ExecReps facilitates thousands of introductions for board seats and the sharing of executive best practices that enable companies to gain invaluable insights from the world’s leading executives.

Members of ExecReps gain access to the industry leading platform for board seat consideration and exposure, while simultaneously benefiting from the ability to collaborate, learn new best practices, and network with leading executives in a way that enables them and their company to excel.

ExecReps is enabling transformative matches between executives interested in being an advisor and companies looking for unprecedented resources available to assist their company, with membership featuring a highly selective group of leading executives from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Australia, India, and China.

ExecReps Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Our History

Over the past fifteen years, ExecReps management team’s experience in founding two of the leading executive development and thought leadership companies led to the formation of ExecReps. Aspatore Books (acquired by Thomson Reuters) and ExecSense (acquired by the Financial Times) were pioneers in their respective industries, providing opportunities for executives to get published and share their thought leadership in new ways. Jonathan Aspatore, CEO & Founder of both companies, then went on to found ExecReps with colleagues Dallas Bond and Chris Beaver. 

Today, ExecReps members now comprise of a highly selective group of the world’s leading executives from Fortune 1000 companies to high profile start-ups, including C-Level executives from companies including Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, FedEx, GILT Group, AMD, GameStop, BBDO, Dole Foods, WalMart, CitiBank, Merck, VeriFone and hundreds of others.


Our Members Include Top Executives From:


Tobias Lee of Thomson Reuters Selected by ExecReps as a Top CMO for 2013

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ExecReps Board Placement Announcement: Mr. Frank Backes Appointed to MTSI Board of Directors 

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ExecReps Inc. Client Placement Announcement: ExecReps Client Ms. Sandra Wrobel Appointed to Omni Bio Pharmaceutical’s Board of Directors

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